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 "Nothing is more abstract than reality."

~ Giorgio Morandi


My new series is titled, "Big Screen TV." I'm using my grid technique to highlight the digital. These days oil paintings often compete for wall space with big screen TVs and this series plays with that reality. 

In my series, "Grid," I paint square by square, row by row. The painting may appear digitized but is meticulously hand painted. I've always used the grid to scale up my photos but leaving traces of the process creates a tension between the image and the squares of tone and colour which are reassembled by the eye. I think about Gerhard Richter as I make all those choices in each square of the grid – deciding how much and where to blur things. Each square ends up being an abstract painting in a way.

I've always used the grid, as artists since the Renaissance have done to scale up their images, though in these paintings I've allowed it to be seen. In the modern era the grid becomes a subject unto itself underscoring the abstraction. The frontality and regularity of the grid has been explored as a separate subject matter in contemporary art by such artists as Chuck Close, Brice Marden, and Agnes Martin.

My row by row construction of a realist image is meant to reveal the abstraction of the paint handling, the history of the technique, and to connect these with a contemporary digital environment.

I’m interested in the layers of transformations – from the transformation of the model, to the photoshopped image, which then becomes a ubiquitous image seen in grocery store aisles and on coffee tables. Unlike the mass produced glossy magazine cover, paint is a kind of skin, a unique surface.

The use of 'found' imagery echoes Warhol's use of tabloid photographs of Liz, Marilyn and Elvis and also the early paintings of Gerhard Richter who also employed the strategy of using newspaper images as his source material.  




1990   Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

1989   Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant



2015    Shaw Communications has named a room in Shaw Court, Calgary, Alberta, The Robert Lemay Room

2014    Inaugural Artist in Residence, Graceland University, Iowa, November 2014

2007    Alberta Society of Artists, September 13, 2007



Alberta Art Foundation,; Alberta Energy; Alberta Treasury Branch; Bennet, Jones, Verchere; Canada Council Art Bank; Canadian Embassy: Beijing, China; Canberra, Australia; Chevron Oil; Cliff Lede Wineries, Yountville, California; Edmonton City Hall; Foreign Affairs; Graceland University (Lamoni, Iowa); Interprovincial Pipeline; Lethbridge Regional Hospital; Norcen Resources; Ocelot Energy;  Shaw Communications; Suncor Energy; Westin Hotels



2016       "Iconic Women," Shayne Gallery, Montreal

2016       "Grid," Wallace Galleries, Calgary

2015       Robert Lemay: 30 Years, Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton

2013       "Flower," Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton

2011       Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton

2010       "In a Narrow Space," Shayne Gallery, Montreal

2009       Wallace Galleries, Calgary

2008       "Calm Things," Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton. 

2007       Shayne Gallery, Montreal

2006       Wallace Galleries, Calgary

2005       Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton

2004       Shayne Gallery, Montreal

2003       Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton

2002       Shayne Gallery, Montreal

               Wallace Galleries, Calgary 

2001       Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton

2000       Wallace Galleries, Calgary 

1998       Hollander York Gallery, Toronto

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1997       Wallace Galleries, Calgary

1996       Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton

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1991       Wallace Galleries, Calgary

1989       Woltjen/Udell, Edmonton

1988       Woltjen/Udell, Vancouver

1987       Woltjen/Udell, Edmonton




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1999    “New Talent Invitational” Denise Bibro Fine Arts, New York City

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1998    “Multiple Realities,” Muttart Public Art Gallery, Calgary

1997     “Still Life," McMullen Art Gallery, Edmonton 



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